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Bucks County Stone Rancher- Neshaminy Schools

Bucks County Stone Rancher- Neshaminy Schools
3 bed, 2 bath, 1900+ sf

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2014 Municipalities get the upper hand on Back Taxes

 2014 Feb/Source: PAR JustListed; New amendment changes how municipalities reduce delinquent taxesConfusion regarding a recently signed bill has created some misunderstandings about how it will affect real estate...
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Happy Clients

5-4-2014 Sheri and John, Thank you for being so nice to me and my daughter. I hope that she finds something soon. She is really stressed out. I'm a mother,...
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B of A Needs an Intervention


One of many Short Sale Saga's that distressed Home Owners have to put up with the Ignoring Banks.

Based on a true story and the Names have been removed to protect the Home Owner. Click Below...please



For those in Distress please keep this Chart BELOW for future Uses.