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Today's Market- Major Reasons for Proper Pricing

 Your Listed Home is Not Getting Shopworn Cleaner Buyer Offers being presented More Competitive with the other Overpriced Homes currently on the Market Improvement on getting Properly Appraised from those Squeezing Underwriters in...
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Happy Clients

June 2014Sheri and John Curci Made another Happy Camper! Kathy King Sabella Jun 21st, 8:47am Sheri, Thank you for being a good friend to my daughter. Also thanks...
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Attn Veterans…Use Your VA BENIFITS !


John & Sheri have years of experience with the VA Loan Process. 

Who more should have the opportunity of a Government Back Loan than a US Soldier Serving our Country!

There are valuable benefits VA Loans offer that other loans in the private sector can't offer.

  • Little to No Money Down
  • No PMI Monthly Insurance
  • 30 year fixed rate and More!