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Why you should use a Realtor

 A real estate transaction is complicated. In most cases, buying or selling a home requires disclosure forms, inspection reports, mortgage documents, insurance policies, deeds, and multi-page government-mandated settlement statements. A...
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Happy Clients

11-21-2014 - Another Happy Client- Alan Cohen; Sheri, I have purchased 11 properties in my lifetime and without question you are by a longshot the best realtor I have...
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Attn Veterans…Use Your VA BENIFITS !


John & Sheri have years of experience with the VA Loan Process. 

Who more should have the opportunity of a Government Back Loan than a US Soldier Serving our Country!

There are valuable benefits VA Loans offer that other loans in the private sector can't offer.

  • Little to No Money Down
  • No PMI Monthly Insurance
  • 30 year fixed rate and More!