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Residency Program- for Home Loans

GREAT program for recent Doctors completing their residency in most recent last 36 months: ...if they have 6 months left in residency, and have a firm offer letter - maybe...
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Happy Clients

June 2014Sheri and John Curci Made another Happy Camper! Kathy King Sabella Jun 21st, 8:47am Sheri, Thank you for being a good friend to my daughter. Also thanks...
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Today's Market- Major Reasons for Proper Pricing



  • Your Listed Home is Not Getting Shopworn


  • Cleaner Buyer Offers being presented


  • More Competitive with the other Overpriced Homes currently on the Market


  • Improvement on getting Properly Appraised from those Squeezing Underwriters in the Mtg Industry


  • Getting YOU the Seller geared up for an accurate Moving Date :-)