14 reasons why Pennsylvania is the most underrated state in the US



Pennsylvania is rich in historical heritage and culture. This was the second state in 1787. Pennsylvania goes by the nickname Keystone State.

With it’s strong historical ties, attractions of natural beauty and interesting sites for children and families to visit, Pennsylvania is an underrated gem.

There are many cities within Pennsylvania that are worth noting and have a vast array of worthwhile places to visit. Allentown boasts many museums, including some very unique ones. One such example is America on Wheels, a museum about transport. Another interesting museum is the Mack Truck Museum. Living in Pennsylvania makes visiting a treasure trove of places easily accessible.

Here are the top fourteen reasons that Pennsylvania may be the most underrated state in the US, que the drumroll:


  1. Pennsylvania hosts Eighteen National Parks and One Hundred and Twenty State Parks!

Yes , you read that right. In a small area, there sure are a lot of parks that make Pennsylvania a very beautiful to visit state. Ohiopyle State Park has an astonishing waterfall and an annual whitewater festival. A vast part of the Appalachian Trail runs through Pennsylvania.


2.Philadelphia was our first capital city and the constitution was signed in this keystone state!

Not to brag about this underrated state but that is an awful lot of history right there. As the second state of the union, this state does not always get all the bravado it deserves.


3.There is a bevy of museums with varying themes! Some are extremely unique.

Mutter museum is home to medical oddities. While Mercer Museum hosts unique and strange artifacts of the 18th and 19th centuries. For you coloring enthusiasts, Pennsylvania has Crayola Factory to tour.


4.Pennsylvania is king of tasty, junk foods!

Tastykake , Godiva, Hershey, Peeps and Sarris all hail from PA. For all you salty treats lovers, Utz, Snyder’s of Hanover, Wise chips, and Auntie Anne’s all come from beloved Pennsylvania.


  1. Pennsylvania held a important role in the civil war!

As stated above, Pennsylvania was the home site of the Battle Of Gettysburg. Historical Enthusiasts would have their head spinning from all the civil war ties to Pennsylvania.


  1. Home to the Amish of Lancaster PA

You can go to visit the Amish country and take home a slice of the olden times that for many of us have been replaced by technology. The Amish are living and working in the olden era way of life that by visiting we show our appreciation of homemade good and handmade handicrafts. You can enjoy Lancaster Central Market, that hosts a vast array of enticing baked goods, produce, prepared foods, homemade cheeses that can be visited by the general public three days a week.


7.Home to Creepy Places, such as Eastern State Penitentiary

Ghost enthusiasts gather around! Rumor has it, if you visit this former prison for evening tours, you may find yourself seeing apparitions. Go during the daylight hours and learn some interesting facts about this former establishment.


  1. First true zoo in the Us was established in Philadelphia, PA!

Unique and hard to breed in captivity animals are residents of this zoo. Its sprawling acreage boosts over 42 acres of land for creatures big and small,


9.Jim Thorpe an interesting old mining town is right here in PA.

Step back in time and learn a lot of history about this mining town in places such as Assa Packer Mansion Museum.


10.Wilkes Barre is a unique town with many attractions for architecture.

With over 200 buildings with all different architectural styles, this town is sure to elicit joy in building style lovers. Pennsylvania homes lovers would also enjoy visiting this area.


  1. Pennsylvania boasts real estate rich in history and culture

Victorian Homes are very popular in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Queen Anne, French home styles, large , mansions in need of restoration and many other Philadelphia real estate delights are available to tour and possibly purchase if so desired in PA. Living in Pennsylvania could be a reality of shopping the market for Pennsylvania homes. Mansion enthusiasts will revel in looking at all Philadelphia

Real estate has to offer.


  1. Tour enchanted Tyler Aboretum:

Adults and children will become enthralled with the magic of Tyler Aboretum. With plants, hiking , tree houses to explore, bridges, pathways, goblin shacks and a butterfly house, this attraction is sure to delight both young and old alike.


  1. Hershey Park is in PA!

Most people love chocolate , especially Hershey’s chocolate. Take a chocolate trolley and see how the world famous chocolate is made. It’s like a real life adaptation of Willie Wonka’s chocolate factory, minus the oompa loompas.


14: And the last reason why Pennsylvania is the most underrated state in the US is….. the vast array of tantalizing foods.

The famous ninth street markets is known for its wide variety of foods that will enthrall the foodie, as well as a casual eater. Fresh fish, meat butchered fresh, cheeses and countless other foods are available there.



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