14 ways to make your new house a home


14 ways to make your new house a home

Sometimes, making Philadelphia homes more homey can be tough. You might not know how to do this or you might not know what works and what doesn’t. The good thing is that there are a few things you can do to turn your house into a home!

1. Add Live Plants
Live plants will give your home a more homey and lively feeling. You can mix them and do some greenery, as well as beautiful flowers. Keep in mind, you don’t want to overpower the space so just put a few on the windows and a few in hanging baskets.

2. Use Personal Items
Personal items will give the feeling of home because you’ll have mementos all around you. It will feel like you’re truly comfortable instead of being in an unfamiliar and cold place. You can do all kinds of mementos from posters to special blankets.

3. Cushions and Throws
Cushions and throws will give the feeling of the space being lived in instead of feeling like it’s distant and abandoned. A big thing that contributes to a homey feeling is comfort. Having plush throws and blankets will give a high level of comfort and relaxation.

4. Darker Paint
Using darker paint will make a room more cozy and homey. You don’t want to go too dark, like black, but a color such as navy would give the ultimate feeling of coziness. Bright colors are fun but they don’t give the same feeling.

5. Put Flowers in Vases
You could put flowers in vases on tables around your house. Not only will it make the table look a little more fancy, but it will also give a lively and homey feeling. You will be comfortable staring at the beautiful flowers while relaxing.

6. Use Nice Rugs
The next thing you can do to make Philadelphia homes more homey is use some nice rugs. Rugs that are plush and thick are the best. You could either make it go with the color of the room or you can get a bold pattern or bright colors to give a little pop to the room.

7. Get Wall Art
Wall art is one of the ways that you can make your home feel homey by bringing a personal touch to the rooms. You could get things such as sticker quotes talking about home and family, nice paintings or even intricate candle holders.

8. Do Some DIY
Another way to bring a personal touch is to do some DIY projects. For example, you could make your own pillows or repurpose an old end table. The possibilities are endless and you can do any color or design that you want!

9. Show Pictures
Another thing that will make Bucks County homes feel more homey is show off your pictures. These can be of your family, parents, kids, or animals. Having your pictures showing will let people know that you are comfortable and loving your home.

10. Add an Awesome Doormat
An awesome doormat will be the first thing people see when they come to your house. You could get one that has a cool design, says something inspirational, or is something funny. The best thing to do is find one that explains you perfectly.

11. Candles or Oil Diffuser
Some smells, such as apple pie, will make people feel comfortable or homey right off the bat. The best thing to do is light some candles or use an oil diffuser. Using these will make your entire house smell like the scents.

12. Bright and Funky Hand Towels
Bright and funky hand towels will bring a fun and exciting aspect to your home. Having these types of towels will show people that you put a lot of thought into your home and made it so it was comfortable and perfect for you.

13. Dark and Heavy Curtains
Dark and heavy curtains will give a homey and cozy feeling to any room. Keep in mind, you don’t want to use them in a room where the paint is dark because it will overpower it. These rooms should have curtains that are brighter than the paint.

14. Table Lamps
The final thing you can do to make Bucks County condos feel more like home is use some table lamps. When you use lights from the ceiling, it can sometimes be too bright. By using a table lamp with a dimmer, you can decide how bright you want the lights to be.

If you still aren’t sure how exactly to go about doing this, try finding a designer who specializes in Bucks County condos or Bucks County homes in general. Not only do they have experience, but they’ll know how to make your house more homey based on the location you’re at!

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