18 Simple Ways to Live Green in Philly

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Go green! It’s seen on thousands of billboards, magazines, advertisements, and yet you might be stuck wondering, ‘How can I go green? I live in Philadelphia”. The good news is going green is not nearly as hard as you might think. It just requires a few lifestyle changes that are sure to benefit you, your home, your wallet, and of course, the environment. Here are 18 simple ways you can live green in Philadelphia.

1. Walk or Bike to Work
No one likes the daily commute with rush hour traffic and honking to start and end the long work day. Consider walking or biking to work. This not only can provide a more relaxing commute, but also benefits you with a little extra exercise and reduces vehicle emissions.

2. Public Transportation
Maybe work is too far to walk, and let’s be honest, the winters can be brutal–but the cold and the distance isn’t an excuse to not live green in Philadelphia. More than likely, you live near some sort of public transportation. Save money on gas and reduce vehicle emission by traveling on the bus or nearest trolley.

3. Reuse
If we are talking about mornings then we could probably also talk about coffee. A quick run to Starbucks might be nice, but those cups every morning add up and so does the cost. Consider buying a reusable coffee mug. They are cuter and cut the waste too.

4. Water Bottles
It’s not just the coffee cup that is adding extra trash, it is also the plastic water bottles. A reusable water bottle can be more versatile and keep your water cooler for longer amounts of time anyways.

5. Recycle
Maybe you are set on those plastic water bottles, or maybe you have ten monthly magazine subscriptions stacking up around your house. Pick up a recycling bin and start saving the environment simply by tossing plastic and paper into a separate trash bin. Easy enough, right?

6. Bring Your Own Bag to the Market
Almost every store offers reusable bags to replace the plastic bags, and some even pay you to use them. This is a simple way to save you some money and once again eliminate some trash.

7. Buy Local
While we are on the topic of food, let’s talk about the local markets found in Philly. Almost everything sold at these are organic and come straight from your community or nearby. The energy consumption to bring food into stores is outrageous.

8. Plant a Garden
Now not all Philadelphia homes are built with a huge backyard, but even a small tomato plant or two can be enough to start off. This can save some fuel cost for going to the store and save you from some of the harmful pesticides that can be used on plants.

9. Plant a Tree
This is simple and can be done in one short afternoon and create a better vibe to your house and neighborhood. If your Philadelphia home doesn’t have a place to plant a tree in the yard, plant one in the neighborhood. Often times there are events where you can even pick up a tree for free!

10. Buy a Plant for Your Home
Some Philadelphia homes can carry a musky smell, but adding a plant can help purify the air by removing carcinogens in the air and bring a fresh new vibe to your home.

11. Put a Lid on it
Think about all the times you have taken your trash out to be picked up and the lid hasn’t been on it. At the end of trash day the street is often covered in debris of trash remains.

12. Consider Philadelphia Green Real Estate
A lot of energy can be saved by buying a home through Philadelphia Green Real Estate. These houses are eco-friendly and save the environment and save you money because they are efficient & Energy Star Certified Homes

13. Clean up the Local Park
Along the same lines, take an afternoon and clean up the local park, everyone benefits from it!

14. Speak up!
If you know of bad air quality somewhere or an illegal dumping spot, speak out.

15. Cleaning Supplies
You might be surprised to learn about the chemical and effects they can have on the environment. Consider making your own cleaning supplies or do some research on eco-friendly cleaners.

16. Recycle Electronics
Don’t throw out that old Blackberry. Recycle it. Electronics often let off harmful toxins if not recycled properly.

17. Unplug
When a phone charger isn’t being used or a large electronic, take time to unplug it quickly to save energy.

18. Borrow Instead of Buy
Take time to go browse the local library the next time you want a good read. This saves lots of paper and trees.

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