Best Areas to Live in Philadelphia in 2018

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Best Areas to Live in Philadelphia in 2018

Home to over a million residents, Philadelphia is one of the most historic cities in the country, and it is the largest city in Pennsylvania. With nightlife, historic sites, regularly-scheduled events and nightlight, Philadelphia is also a popular place to live. Philly’s arts and culture scene is alive and well, and you’re never far from a good meal or craft cocktail in a trendy restaurant or bar. There are many neighborhoods in the Philadelphia, and each has its own unique character and personality. Multiple factors are used to determine which neighborhoods have the best living environments, but housing prices, access to shops, restaurants, attractions and other amenities, low crime rates, and proximity to public transportation and major roadways are some criteria used to evaluate a neighborhood’s quality of life. Whether you’re moving across town or are new to the city altogether, the active and diverse Philadelphia real estate market means that you are bound to find a special place that suits your needs and personality.

Washington Square West

If you’re looking at homes for sale in Philadelphia, Washington Square West is a good neighborhood to consider. Washington Square West is a popular neighborhood located in Philadelphia’s vibrant city center, which is teeming with nightlife, boutique shops, museums, and top-rated restaurants. Washington Square West is a block away from the Market East station, which is a transportation center for SEPTA lines that run throughout Philadelphia, into New Jersey, and to the Philadelphia International Airport. The neighborhood is ranked #2 for millennials, and it’s also ranked among the to neighborhoods to live in around the Philadelphia area.

The median home value in Washington Square West is $468,465, which is higher than national median home value of $184,700. The median rental rate in Washington Square West is $1,276 per month, which exceeds the national monthly average rent of $949. About 79 percent of people in Washington Square West choose to rent apartments, homes, and condos, while 21 percent own their own homes. If you are considering moving to Washington Square West this year, go to, where a realtor in Philadelphia can show you the options.

Old City

Old City is another outstanding Philadelphia neighborhood to consider in 2018. Old City is ranked #1 in the Best Neighborhoods for Millennials and #5 in Philadelphia’s Best Neighborhoods to Live. One of Old City’s biggest draws is its history and old-fashioned 18th-century charm, which has been carefully preserved over time. Old City is located near Independence Mall, which is the famous setting where the Founding Fathers declared liberty and lay the foundation for an independent nation. Cobblestone streets and brick buildings dominate the architectural landscape of Old City, which has one of the largest arts scenes in Philadelphia. Old City gets top marks for nightlife, and with instant access to the major highways around Philadelphia, it is also convenient for commuting.

The median home value in Old City is $431,918, which is higher than the national average. The median rent is $1,448 per month. About 68 percent of people rent in Old City and 32 percent own their own homes. A realtor in Philadelphia is a great resource to show you the variety options on the housing market. There are many condos and townhouses for sale in Old City, and some even have private off-street parking spaces, which is a critical factor for many residents, as it can be difficult to find street parking in this part of the city.

Bella Vista

Bella Vista is also considered one of Philadelphia’s top neighborhoods to live in this year. Bella Vista has a strong Italian heritage, which is evidenced by its tight-knit community, family-owned businesses, and excellent Italian food. Bella Vista’s family-oriented persona makes it especially appealing for families. Bella Vista is situated in South Philadelphia, and it has about 10,474 residents. It is known for top destinations including Sarcone’s Deli, Bardascino Park, Sabrina’s Cafe and the Ninth Street Italian Market. The Ninth Street market is an open-air market with fruits, vegetables, baked goods, and more. It is the oldest continually operating open-air market of its type in the United States. Commuting to and from Bella Vista is easy with multiple bus lines and the north-south SEPTA line right around the corner. Bella Vista is close to Old City, which is another historic neighborhood in Philadelphia and also one of the city’s top places to live in 2018.

The cost of living is a bit lower in Bella Vista than it is compared to other Philadelphia real estate. The rate of people who rent versus those who own is also about equal. The median home value in Bella Vista is $355,670, and the average monthly rental rate is $1,377. About 51 percent of residents in this neighborhood rent living places, and 49 percent own their own homes. You can search for real estate in Bella Vista at, where searching for a new place to live is easy with options to filter by price, number of bedrooms, location, lifestyle, market status, and more. Along with searching for homes for sale in Philadelphia, you can also learn about mortgage payments and financing options when planning your move into Philadelphia.

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