Why Bucks County Pennsylvania is One of The Best Places to Live


Located on the rolling hills of Southeastern Pennsylvania, less than an hour outside of Philadelphia is Buck County Pennsylvania. It has been a part of American history for more than three-hundred years. This county is full of history from when George Washington and his troops crossed the Delaware River and it shows off its colonial history with its architecture, main streets, and monuments.

Attractions And Events

A lot of tourists also come to Bucks County. Annually, they make over $877 million in the tourism trade. The great variety of tourist attractions they have include Washington Crossing Park, a Sesame Street Theme Park, a lavender farm, and Peddler’s Village (a 40-acre outdoor shopping area that also has six restaurants, a 71-room inn, fun family attractions, and exciting yearly events). Washington Crossing Park is where George Washington took the soldiers to fight in the battles of Princeton and Trenton.

Those of you that love the outdoors, will love living in Bucks County. The outdoor activities that they provide include horseback riding, cross-country skiing, watersports, and golf. They have 28 private and public golf courses. If you love to gamble, Parx Casino provides you with more than 160,000 square feet of gambling room. When you get hungry, they have three restaurants for you to dine at. For those of you that love museums, there is the Michener Art Museum and the Mercer Museum that has a lot of artifacts from early American history. This county also has a wildlife preserve, a state park, and Fonthill Castle that was owned by the Harvard graduate Henry Chapman Mercer.

If you love festivals, then Bucks County is the county for you. They have a lot of different festivals every year. These festivals range from the scarecrow festival to the strawberry festival. Another attraction that makes Buck County unique is Carousel Village. The village has a carousel and a steam train ride through their 45 acres of property (that will show you the variety of wildlife that lives there). After the train ride is over, you can get local handmade ice cream and do some shopping. There is also a Garden of Reflection that is a tribute to the victims of 9/11. Grounds For Sculpture is a 42-acre park that is full of sculptural recreations of impressionist paintings.

Why You Should Move to Buck County

There are quite a few reasons to move to Buck County. In 2009, it was number three in the Top 29 Places to Travel list. It is also close to Philadelphia, New Jersey, and New York City. As I mentioned earlier, it is home to Sesame Street Place (the only one in the world, you) and this county also has low property taxes. Along with George Washington bringing his troops there, it is also home to Pearl Buck’s house. With farms, orchards, vineyards, and antique shops, Buck County is well known for its antiques, very fresh produce, greenery, flowers, and wine.

Bucks County Real Estate

Bucks County Homes and its real estate market is its own individualized market. There are a great number of houses on the market when it comes to Bucks County Real Estate that varies in the price range and are available in a lot of towns. It is a great place to live for the reasons I have previously mentioned as well as these attractions: the Addie Mansion and the David Library of the American Revolution, there is something for every curious and intellectual mind in Buck County.

Along with the great places to visit and things to do, the housing market in Buck County is plentiful so there a lot of Bucks County Homes. A Realtor in Bucks County can help you find just the right house for you. There are a lot of heritage houses that are in great condition. This county has everything from high-class housing to well-planned homes designed with families in mind. These Buck County Homes have homes for people that are buying their first home or for people that have bought many houses. A good realtor in Bucks County will help you find the right home by asking you how long you plan to live in the home, what your future needs for the home are, what your price range is, and how much work you will be putting into your new home.

Buck County has everything anyone could ever need: great attractions, fun events, its own piece of American history, antiques, and wine. If that was not enough, they have a lot of restaurants, shopping, and a casino for you to gamble in as well. It also has whatever type of housing that you need or want. You can also pay homage to the victims of 9/11 and view outdoor sculptures. With all of these great things to do and events to attend, you will never be bored when you are surrounded by the beauty of Bucks County Pennsylvania.



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