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Historic Value

If you’ve seen Liberty Bell and had a cheesesteak, you’ve likely spent a day in Philadelphia.
But beyond the tourist sites and skyscrapers lies a city of neighborhoods undergoing a cultural renaissance.
Philadelphia is much more than legendary food and a symbol of urban growth.
It is a city steeped in the rich history of this country. Being part of one of the first 13 colonies the city goes
quite far back and is evidenced throughout. No matter what part of the city you go, there is always something to see.
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Affordable Cost of Living

Philadelphia as a whole isn’t recovering as quickly as other real estate markets in the U.S.
However, home values in the area remain low, meaning it’s affordable for the average home buyer.
Philadelphia home values are much lower than many other large metro areas of similar size.
The median home value for the Philadelphia metro is currently $189,600, and home values are only expected to rise 1.1 percent over the next 12 months.
South Philly also has had a resurgence over the past seven years with up-and-coming chefs,
new restaurants and bars popping up along East Passyunk Avenue, but home values have not skyrocketed as a result.

Seriously, The New York Times voted Philly the top travel destination in the US (and #3 in the world) for 2015.
That’s quite the big deal. Everyone else is a buzz about Philadelpia and you should be too! There is no better time than now
to make your dreams come true. Whatever the reason and whatever your interest, Philly has something for everyone.
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