How to Increase the Value Of Your Home in Philadelphia

Return on Home Investments

How to Make Your Home More Lovable in The City of Brotherly Love

Philadelphia homeowners see the need to increase the value of their homes even if they do not plan on putting their home up for sale in the Philadelphia real estate market. To raise their Philadelphia home value, there are certain things that homeowners in the city of brotherly love can do. What is so great about is that do not cost a lot of money and will not take up a lot of your time, but you have a great return on home investments.

Getting Rid of Clutter

Even though many people think that this is a common-sense way to increase a Philadelphia home value, a lot of homeowners do not think about this idea. Since people see the clutter in their home on a daily basis, they get used to it. However, potential buyers can easily get distracted by the amount of stuff that is all over a house. They want to think about how their stuff will look in a house, which is difficult to do if it is cluttered. Being free of clutter also makes a home feel more roomy and spacious.

It is a good idea for you to bring in a friend or family member who has a fresh eye to go through your home with and help you get rid of items that are distracting. However, you should not “declutter” by shoving everything into closets and cabinets. Potential buyers will look in them to see how spacious they are and if they are crammed full of stuff, they will think that there is not enough for their stuff in there. You do not have to get rid of half of what you own, you just need to box up your stuff and store until you move into your new home.

Add a New Coat of Paint

Painting a home is the best return on home investments. It is one of a few home improvement projects that guarantee that you will profit from it. When you are adding a new coat of paint to your home, you need to:

  • Pick out a neutral and pleasing color that everyone will love
  • Choose one or two colors that complement each other
  • Freshening up the front door or painting the trim of your home white

After the paint is dried, it is a good idea to not clutter up the walls with art and pictures. Let the prospective buyers imagine their art and pictures on the walls.

Make Your Landscaping Look Neat and Orderly

Never forget that you only get one chance to make a first impression. When someone that may buy a house sees it for the first time, what they think about it is very important. The front yard is the biggest part of a home’s curb appeal. If a homeowner does easy landscaping tasks, then someone who is looking to possibly buy it, may love the home at first glance. Well-trimmed bushes not only look good but help potential buyers feel more safe and secure because they will help discourage burglars. Take a friend with you to look at yards, find your favorites, and utilize the ideas that you liked in your own yard.

Improve and Update Your Fixtures

People often think bigger is better. However, that is not always true. Small things like light fixtures, switches, vent covers, and sink faucets can easily make a house look more modern. If you cannot afford to update every fixture, just make sure that the fixtures have a uniform look. For example, if part of your bathroom has bronze fixtures, then all of them should. Getting new door knobs and hanging light fixtures is an easy and cost-effective way to make your home look more appealing. You do need to keep track of what you spend on fixtures, so you are not spending more money than you will bring in.

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